Monday, 18 February, 2019

Church is a mother, not a bachelor, pope says at morning Mass

Pope Francis shocks when he reportedly tells gay man ‘God made you like this Pope Francis recently told a follower that it is OK for him to be gay despite traditional teaching proving otherwise
Theresa Hayes | 22 May, 2018, 09:43

Fr. James Martin, the author of "Building a Bridge", told The Times that Francis' reported comments are a "big deal" because it is likely the first time the pope made a comment "about gay people being born that way".

"It goes beyond 'who am I to judge?' to 'you are loved by God, '" Christopher Lamb, the Vatican correspondent for the Catholic newspaper Tablet, told The Guardian.

A year later, Pope Francis released the 256-page document "The Joy of Love", which encouraged individual conscience to be the guiding principle for Catholics negotiating the complexities of sex, marriage and family life. God loves you like this.

Mr. Cruz said he wanted to reveal the pope's remarks because "people have to know this man like he really is".

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told CNN on Monday: "We do not normally comment on the Pope's private conversations".

The Church must "remain female" and "have this attitude of a wife and mother" who nurtures her children, the pope said in his homily May 21 during a morning Mass commemorating the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church.

He will be among some 120 cardinals under 80 worldwide and therefore eligible to participate in an eventual conclave to choose Francis' successor, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan said.

"God loves you like this, '" Cruz told CNN about what Pope Francis told him.

"'Freedom of religion' does not mean the freedom to practice a religion which is false or a religion which contradicts the law of God", said the Cardinal, essentially restoring the Church's proper identity and role in the world among all religions.

It's not the first time that the current Pope has indicated that his views on homosexuality are not as black and white as those of previous Popes. As Lamb said, "I don't think he has changed church teaching but he's demonstrating an affirmation of gay Catholics, something that has been missing over the years in Rome". Even "God loves you like this" isn't a terribly surprising statement because Christian faith teaches that God loves all of us even in our current state of sinfulness. The Church is holy, we are sinners!

His pastoral tone, however, doesn't undermine his staunch opposition to promoting or endorsing such "tendencies", as he told reporters flying with him after his visit to Georgia and Azerbaijan in 2016. "But that they are called to a life of chastity". "This is what Jesus would do today". Now 87 and living in a nursing home in Chile, he has always denied any wrongdoing. Cruz and other activists want to see the bishops removed, and Francis' credibility is on the line ... in that story, anyway.