Monday, 21 May, 2018

Ride of Silence honors those lost in bike accidents

Fresno Area Cyclists Take Ride of Silence Ride of Silence honors those lost in bike accidents
Melinda Barton | 17 May, 2018, 11:17

Statistics from the Ohio Department of Public Safety show from January 2017 to January of this year 18 bicyclists were hit and killed in accidents and 1,237 were injured.

- Eleven bicyclists have been killed over the past year in the Philadelphia area, with the latest cyclist death occurring just last week.

"I've labored all day trying to figure out how to bring a message to you", McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez told riders before they headed out on the 10-mile Ride of Silence. "Let there be no more Eddies in South Texas".

The silent, slow-paced ride is dedicated to honoring cyclists injured or killed while riding on roads everywhere, as well as raising awareness to share the road. The ride's objective was to raise awareness about sharing the road.

"We think it's a human right to be safe", he said. 2018 is the 16th anniversary of the event.

"People have an aggressive attitude toward driving here ... And vehicles need to drive predictably", Northrop Davidson said. "Regardless of how good laws, roads, lights, whatever it may be, drivers are still the greatest hazard".

University not one where many cyclists ride.

The ride is held every third Wednesday in May.

Chris Sanner was riding in Sylvania when he says, "This lady makes a left turn and all of a sudden she comes plowing, she hits me head on".

Jay Wonders, an event organizer, said beside his son Garrett - a Warren native who was a Naval officer and nuclear engineer - other local people who have died on bicycles include Greg Snyder, Emil Manus, Larry Furniss and Greg Dunn.