Wednesday, 14 November, 2018

Ford resuming F-150, Super Duty production on Monday

Ford will resume production of F-150 on Friday Ford will resume production of F-150 on Friday
Nellie Chapman | 17 May, 2018, 11:43

Ford Motor Co. plans to restart production of F-Series Super Duty trucks at Kentucky Truck Plant by Monday, putting about 2,700 hourly workers back on the job after a two-week layoff, the company said Wednesday. Ford teamed up with suppliers, including Walbridge and other contractors to work almost around the clock to resume production. The plant makes structural parts with about one-third going to Ford. A die is a tool used to cut or shape material using a press.

Ford stopped making the big pickup trucks at KTP on May 5 following a fire at a supplier plant in MI.

"While the situation remains extremely dynamic, our teams are focused on returning our plants to full production as fast as possible", Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, Global Operations, said in a statement. "Thanks to their heroic efforts, we are resuming production of some of our most important vehicles ahead of our original targets".

Production of Ford's Super Duty at its Louisville, Ky., truck plant and the F-150 at its Kansas City, Mo., assembly plant are targeted to resume by Monday.

Teams from Ford and several suppliers scrambled to recover 19 dies from the damaged facility.

The recovery included some herculean efforts, including shipping an 87,000-pound die from MI to a plant in Nottingham, England, using a massive Antonov cargo plane, to produce needed parts.

Ford executives declined to say how many vehicles were not produced as a result of the idling, though they said customers should have no problems finding trucks in dealership lots.