Monday, 24 September, 2018

California mother charged with felony child abuse

California mother charged with felony child abuse California mother charged with felony child abuse
Melinda Barton | 17 May, 2018, 11:33

On Tuesday, Rogers was charged with nine counts of felony child abuse in addition to a misdemeanor charge of child cruelty that she already faced. Rogers was taken into custody.

Rogers told reporters earlier this week that the allegations against her and her husband are false.

It's unclear whether any California government agencies had an opportunity to intervene in the years authorities claim the 10 children suffered "horrific" abuse inside their suburban home. She had previously denied that her children had been harmed after social services investigated several years ago.

Rogers told reporters that she had one prior interaction with child welfare officials when her mother "had mentioned something" that prompted a home visit.

"I can't believe we're going through this, my whole family, this is a nightmare", she said.

With the assistance of Child Welfare Services and the Solano County District Attorney's Office, detectives with the Fairfield Police Department's Family Violence Unit initiated an investigation.

California prosecutors say 10 children rescued from a filthy, abusive home were subjected to "waterboarding", shot with crossbows and had scalding water poured on them.

Sharon Henry, chief deputy district attorney for Solano County, said she was "horrified" by their statements.

Prosecutors have refused to discuss details of the allegations against Rogers and her husband Jonathan Allen, 29, who has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of torture and felony child abuse. He has pleaded not guilty and bail was set at $5.2 million.

Allen also denies the allegations.

"It was a functioning household everyone helped everyone", Allen said.

Fairfield Police beforehand stated they eliminated the 10 kids from the west coast house on March 31 after responding to a report of a lacking 12-year-old. Officers said the home was filled with rotting food, feces and trash.

The 10 children, aged between four months and 12 years, were removed from the home in Fairfield on 31 March after their mother Ina Rogers, 30, reported that the oldest child had gone missing. Bail for a California mother of 10 children who officials say suffered long-term abuse was set at almost $500,000 after the judge said she remains a danger to the kids.

Rogers says she home-schooled the children, but the two-story Fairfield, California, home was not registered as a private school and neither were three prior addresses where the family lived in Fairfield and Vallejo, according to the California Department of Education. The state has no record of any of the children attending public school. Parents who teach their own children are required to register with the state, but the state does not approve, monitor or inspect them.

Rogers said she previously enrolled her two oldest children in school but chose to teach them herself because she didn't think they were getting enough attention.

She said: "There's no broken bones, there is no major scars, nothing". "I can't do that.' So I was like, 'I'm the only one who cares enough" so I started to homeschool them".

Authorities had earlier described the abuse of the children as having a "sadistic goal", but they did not elaborate, the network reported. She also alleged that Allen put a.22 caliber gun into her mouth and threatened to shoot her, forcing her to beg for her life.

California law requires children to be enrolled in public school unless they meet specific exemptions, such as documented attendance at a private school. "He had a devil room, a devil room that he called a meditation room". "She has other motives and has conjured up these ideas of torture", Rogers said.