Friday, 21 September, 2018

Three, two, one: New ways to control Google Pixel Buds

Google’s Pixel Buds finally let you skip tracks with a double tap Three, two, one: New ways to control Google Pixel Buds
Sherri Watson | 16 May, 2018, 06:44

We're adding three highly-requested features with the latest update that is beginning to roll out today.

One of the complaints levied at the devices was a lack of controls and customizable gestures. Now, you can set double-tap to skip to the next track. This double-tap gesture now prompts your notifications to be read aloud, but you can switch this to skip songs via your Pixel Buds' settings in the Google Assistant app on your phone.

During I/O 2018, the Google app gained the ability to customize what notifications get sent to Assistant headphones.

Last but certainly not least, Google's making it much easier to switch the Pixel Buds back and forth between devices it's already been paired with. Google has also updated the pairing of the Pixel Buds where users can now switch between devices easily just by selecting it from the Bluetooth menu on the device you want to connect to. Previously, you had to disconnect the Pixel Buds from the first device and then open it in the next one. You can continue to use a Google Assistant voice command to skip tracks, even if you assign two taps to the "next" track feature.

Still, it's a welcome update - one that might me make start using the Pixel Buds more often.