Thursday, 13 December, 2018

The HTC Exodus is a blockchain phone for cryptocurrency traders

The HTC Exodus is a blockchain phone for cryptocurrency traders The HTC Exodus is a blockchain phone for cryptocurrency traders
Sherri Watson | 16 May, 2018, 09:29

While the Taiwanese company has consolidated much of its mobile offerings in recent years, it announced today at the Consensus 2018 blockchain conference in NY that its upcoming Exodus handset is embracing everyone's favorite tech buzzword.

The device, dubbed Exodus, will feature baked-in support for decentralized applications (DApp) and cryptocurrencies.

The company plans to create a native blockchain network with all exodus phones acting as nodes to facilitate cryptocurrency trading among the phone users. If that doesn't get you Mr. Robot fanboys going, I don't know what will. HTC is pinning its blockchain and cryptocurrency hopes on Phil Chen, who was the creator of the company's Vive VR headset.

The new Exodus smartphone will support both Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrencies with its universal wallet, secure hardware, and decentralized apps. The company said they'd like to eventually support the "entire blockchain ecosystem", and added that they'll announce new partnerships in the months to come.

It's reported that HTC is pondering the idea to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for the device, but no price has been set.

According to a report by The Next Web, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC is now working on an Android smartphone powered by blockchain technology.

Exodus is expected in October. Chen, who now holds the title of "chief decentralized officer", will head all of the firm's cryptocurrency and blockchain-related initiatives. By using blockchain tech, HTC promises that the Exodus can give privacy-minded users control over their data, without having to rely on the major technology companies for cloud storage.

HTC isn't the first phone-maker to announce a dedicated blockchain device. Sirin Labs announced a $999 Dollars blockchain phone past year, a device reportedly being made by Foxconn.

You'll also be able to easily trade with peers on the phone's network - without any mining fees.