Wednesday, 21 November, 2018

Meghan Markle's Father Suffers Heart Attack, Not Attending Royal Wedding

Tim Stewart Meghan Markle It is believed her father staged paparazzi Tim Stewart Meghan Markle It is believed her father staged paparazzi
Theresa Hayes | 16 May, 2018, 07:43

While Meghan Markle is reportedly "upset" and "disturbed" by the scandal involving her father's collaboration with a paparazzo on a staged set of photos, Kensington issued a statement in response to reports that Thomas Markle won't be attending the royal wedding Saturday or walking his daughter down the aisle.

"On the morning of the wedding, Ms. Ragland will travel with Ms. Markle by vehicle to Windsor Castle". TMZ reports that nearly a week after suffering a heart attack, Markle Sr. has decided not to make the trip across the pond to the royal wedding. What'd U think?? One of the most ridiculous TV movies ever made about the royal family, wasn't it??

TMZ said Thomas Markle was upset over the way his decision to have staged paparazzi photos taken of him preparing for the wedding has been received and chose to miss the wedding to avoid embarrassing his daughter and the royal family. Although it is unclear if Thomas Markle was paid for the photos, the pictures were sold for about $100,000 around the world.

The announcement was met with an outpouring of support for both Ms Markle and her father on social media.

As per media reports, Thomas is known to be a private person, a fact that had anxious Meghan about how would he handle the pressures of being in a constant limelight.

Markle's father Thomas, 73, was due to walk his daughter down the aisle in front of 600 guests including all the senior Britain's royals and smattering of celebrities.

It is thought that if Mr Markle does not attend the wedding, Ms Markle's mother will accompany her down the aisle.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement was announced, paparazzi photos of Markle's father soon surfaced online.

The biracial American actress, like her fiance Prince Harry, is a child of divorce. Yet Markle had reportedly been excited to give his daughter away at her wedding to Price Harry.

Although numerous outlets have suggested a series of paparazzi photos being staged with Mr. Markle's knowledge could be behind Markle's father backing out of the wedding, other reports say he suffered a heart attack days ago. "Meghan is determined to try and convince her father to get on a plane in time for the ceremony".

"It is days like today when I really miss having her around and miss being able to share the happy news, but with the ring and with everything else that's going on I'm sure she's with us, jumping up and down somewhere else", Harry said in the November interview.

So why did Mr Markle pull out at such short notice?

"I don't think anything can quite prepare her", Cashmore said - though as "an independent-minded woman, brimming with confidence", Markle is well equipped to deal with intense media interest that is unlikely to fade.

Her parents split when Meghan was young, but she told Vanity Fair this year that they remain on good terms and even take vacations together as a family.