Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Golf star's wife charged after allegedly attacking him for poor round

Krista Glover made the initial call to police claiming she had been assaulted by her mother-in-law ST JOHNS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Krista Glover made the initial call to police claiming she had been assaulted by her mother-in-law
Kristopher Love | 16 May, 2018, 06:04

Golf World reported that a document from the St Johns County Sheriff's department states Lucas was berated by his wife for his poor play (he shot a third-round 78 for a MDF - made cut, did not finish). According to the police report, the arresting officer found probable cause to take Conley Glover into custody when he observed "injury to [Glover's] right arm" and "multiple lacerations" to both of his mother's arms, as well as "blood on her clothing and skin". After previously saying he would sign a sworn affidavit, the three-time Tour victor then "refused" to do so, and he claimed he "was not fighting with Krista" but was injured during the altercation between her and his mother.

The deputies wrote in their report she resisted them and refused to get into the back seat of a squad vehicle by trying 'to tense her body and blocking herself from sitting down in the auto'. Both Lucas Glover and his mother had visible injuries after she intervened to stop the altercation.

According to the incident report, Lucas Glover tried to ensure that deputies wouldn't arrest his wife of six years by changing his witness statement.

Krista Glover resisted deputies' efforts to place her in a patrol auto, according to the report, and her tirade continued on the ride to jail.

Police officials noted in the report that Krista resisted them, refusing to get in the squad vehicle by "blocking herself from sitting down".

The officer also said that the golfer informed him that his wife had done this before. The fight degenerated into something physical, all of it in front of their two underage children and Lucas' momma.

Lucas Glover told police he was the'sane one of the bunch
AP Lucas Glover told police he was the 'sane one of the bunch'

When reached on her cellphone Tuesday, Krista hung up abruptly. She allegedly stiffened up her body and wrapped her legs around the door to make the task hard.

'Wait till the tour (PGA) hears about this, ' she yelled, according to the report. "Wait till I talk with the judge, you will be f--ing fired over this".

Krista was arrested for domestic violence.

Conley Glover spent that night in the St. Johns County Jail, and she was released Sunday on $2,500 bond.

A former Clemson University golf star, Lucas Glover has been on the PGA tour since 2001. He was previously married to high-school sweetheart Jennifer Smith.