Monday, 21 January, 2019

Aliens may well exist in a parallel universe, new studies find

Aliens Exist but May Be in Parallel Universe Says Study Universe
Theresa Hayes | 16 May, 2018, 14:00

A team of scientists from the United Kingdom and Australia made this finding while studying "dark energy" - the mysterious force accelerating the expansion of the universe. And, dark energy might be the common thread between these universes. But given the levels of dark energy in our Universe, there is likely a natural law we have yet to discover.

Researchers from Durham have concluded in their study that this universe with planets and life would have still happened even if there was 100 times more dark energy present. Many scientists have debated over whether or not our own universe is singular or one of many others. One of the questions posed by this hypothesis is whether other Universes could harbour life. Salcido explained that the evolution of the galaxies and the stars are the end result of a "tug-of-war in between the quantity of dark energy and the strength of gravity: the former causing the universe to fly apart and the latter causing matter to clump together".

Postgraduate student of Computational Cosmology, Jaime Salcido, Durham University, the United Kingdom, said, "For numerous researchers, the undefined but a huge amount of dark energy in the universe is a puzzle".

"I think we should be looking for a new law of physics to explain this unusual property of our Universe, and the multiverse theory does little to rescue physicists' discomfort".

The group has distributed its outcomes in the diary Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The research suggests that if we reside in the Multiverse, we should observe about 50 times the amount of dark energy that we now do. These universes will be filled with Earth-like planets, society, and even Alien life that may be very similar to ours.

The fact that the universe continues to expand means that it creates multiverses: an essentially endless supply of universes much like our own.

Overall, it's clear that our understanding of dark energy is lacking.

The search for alien life has always been a priority for many scientists and enthusiasts alike, and the fact that this alien life is quite likely to exist outside of our universe is comforting in a way.

At this point in time, the direct application of knowledge is not much, but as we advance in technology, we may finally have the tools to put these findings into practice.