Friday, 22 February, 2019

Putin drives across new bridge linking Moscow-annexed Crimea to Russian Federation

EU expands sanctions on Russia over presidential election in Crimea Putin drives across new bridge linking Moscow-annexed Crimea to Russian Federation
Melinda Barton | 15 May, 2018, 19:07

As we reported Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered to sue Russian Federation for the ecological damage brought by the construction of the bridge over Kerch strait in occupied Crimea.

Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its strong protest against the launch of the bridge across the Kerch Strait by Russian Federation in occupied Crimea and once again stressed that the construction of this facility without the consent of Ukraine is unlawful.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman condemned the project, saying it has damaged the environment and that larger ships will not be able to pass through its ports on the Azov Sea.

The chief editor of the Kremlin-funded channel, Margarita Simonyan, wrote on Twitter that "Kiev chose to take revenge on us for the Crimean Bridge", after the raids on the offices of RIA Novosti state news agency, which is part of the same media group as RT.

Russian Federation annexed Crimea, a peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea in eastern Europe, in 2014, a move that was condemned by Ukraine and the West as an illegal land grab.

"Such actions by Moscow fundamentally contradict the generally recognized norms and principles of worldwide law, grossly violate the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982 and bilateral treaty obligations to Ukraine", the ministry said in a statement on May 15 when Russian Federation officially opened the bridge.

The construction of the bridge began in May 2015.

The bridge is set to open for cars on Wednesday, and its rail portion is set to open next year.

At the other end of the 19-kilometer bridge, in Crimea, Putin attended a brief open air show.

18 March, Russia held its presidential elections.