Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Google One is a new cloud storage service with perks

Google One is a new cloud storage service with perks Google One is a new cloud storage service with perks
Sherri Watson | 15 May, 2018, 01:58

Google says Drive users will be automatically be updated to Google One "over the coming months", starting with the US.

Overall, Google Drive has revolutionized the way we store our files and get work done.

Google One will also allow for sharing the plan with up to five family members.

Access to support teams is set to be included with every Google One subscription.

The way consumers can use these plans is changing, too. Each user will get his/her own, private storage and the same benefits as the rest of their household.

In a plan it calls "Google One", the company will add a 200 GB storage tier for $2.99/month, and cut the price of its 2 TB plan in half, from $19.99/month to $9.99/month. Plus, Google says it may hand out free Google Play credits to buy apps, music and movies, and offer other sorts of deals as well. In the process, it also introduced a new storage product that just makes the whole shindig more confusing. From personal document storage to servers ranging from small business to corporations, Google has the utility and experience to provide a significant amount of free storage to users around the world - and Google One expands that even further.

Now those paid storage plans are covered under a new "Google One" moniker, with more flexible pricing.

Up until now, Google Drive represented your available storage across your Google account, including Photos, Gmail, and whathaveyou.

Google One will be rolling out to users in the USA over the coming months and will later be followed by a global expansion. There's no change in functionality, but some icons and buttons have moved, and there's a range of visual tweaks to align with Google's latest material design principles. If you're on the latter plan already, you'll see the upgrade to 2TB soon.

For now, Google is moving slowly, rolling out Google One in the USA over the next few months, and globally after that.