Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

Eagles' Jay Ajayi Sued For Allegedly Trashing Mansion After Super Bowl

Jay Ajayi- cropped Jay Ajayi
Kristopher Love | 15 May, 2018, 20:19

According TMZ, Ajayi is being sued by the owner of a mansion in Los Angeles for $25,000 in damage that allegedly occurred while Ajayi stayed there soon after the Super Bowl in February.

TMZ says the suit alleges that Ajayi rented the house through Airbnb.

According to a report, Ajayi might've celebrated a little too hard.

A London native, Ajayi began his career with the Dolphins but joined the Eagles in October through a trade and was the team's leading rusher during the Super Bowl run.

TMZ noted the owner charges $5,000 per party, but Ajayi did not pay the $25,000 penalty fees he accumulated. He also alleges that Ajayi broke a table, scratched the floors and violated the no smoking rule.

Ajayi allegedly ignored that request and threw three of them.

The owner further alleges that when he confronted Ajayi on February 18, he was pushed in the chest in a "menacing and threatening manner".

The owner of the mansion describes the shove as "battery", and says he had to call local security to remove Ajayi from the property.

Ajayi denied the accusations through a representative, saying Ajayi and his group actually left the house earlier than the planned five days, but still paid the full price for the rental.

Ajayi's attitude was a major reason the Dolphins traded him to the Eagles midway through his third National Football League season.

In seven games with Eagles, Ajayi accumulated 408 rushing yards and one touchdown on 70 carries.