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Overwatch anniversary event date and new Junkrat skin revealed

Overwatch,NoobFeed,Anniversary Overwatch anniversary event date and new Junkrat skin revealed
Theresa Hayes | 14 May, 2018, 18:58

Overwatch was released two years ago this week. The good news is that it looks like anniversary celebration events will be a recurring theme for Overwatch as the second anniversary event appears to be set for the 22nd of May. The Legendary Edition will come with Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins - 15 total - with your purchase. New items include eight Legendary skins and three Epic skins, and additional dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte.

The Deathmatch map is called Petra, and it will have a "Competitive Mode", that will have placement tiers, leader boards and skill rankings.

No pricing details have been revealed for the new pirate Junkrat skin but it's a safe bet that it will probably be a legendary, as is the case with most event skins.

If you log into Overwatch during the anniversary event, you'll get a free Legendary Anniversary Loot Box. If you decide to buy the 50 Loot Box Bundle, you'll receive an additional Legendary Anniversary Loot Box for free.

Blizzard is once again celebrating the anniversary of the game, and starting on May 22 through June 11 you'll be able to partake in a new special event on every platform.

ncludAfter last year's one-year anniversary in-game event which saw the addition of new emotes, skins, and more, many fans have been speculating about what Blizzard has planned for this year's event. Blizzard confirmed that PS4 players do not need a PlayStation Plus membership to take part, though it's unclear if Xbox Live Gold is required on Xbox One.