Monday, 17 December, 2018

How To Enable Gmail's New Offline Mode

How To Enable Gmail's New Offline Mode How To Enable Gmail's New Offline Mode
Sherri Watson | 14 May, 2018, 13:16

To do that, click the Settings menu on the top right side of Gmail and then select "Try New Mail" from the drop-down menu.

Once everything is enabled, you can fire up a new message and Gmail will begin suggesting content.

Google is not only refreshing Gmail with a new design but also adding a range of new nifty features. The Machine Learning aspect of Gmail will also cater to the high-priority notification which will ensure that really important emails aren't missed out by the receiver.

One tap and you'll never get an email from that company again.

To access Confidential Mode, click the clock and padlock icon when composing an email.

With Gmail's Confidential Mode, Google is adding an extra layer of security and privacy by making users enter a passcode generated via SMS in order to open emails. This new additional feature is going to prohibit receivers from copying, forwarding, downloading and printing their emails.

Although, Google has now explicitly named this feature this isn't something entirely new to the platform.

Later in the week, Google allowed the general public to try out this feature with the desktop version of Gmail. There's no protection from users taking a screenshot of the email.

It is being said that this new update has brought a lot of changes to the platform and did it too fast. Users will now also be able to send emails that will get detected automatically after a certain time period. A week is probably best for most folks. Share your views with us and keep reading Fossbytes. Additionally, Gmail has integrated services like Google Calendar and Keep right inside the inbox.

This new feature is something which is yet to fully arrive on the platform. A new self-destruct feature is also being introduced, which means users can send an expiration date for an email - after which time it will disappear - to help users stay in control of their information.

This offline feature will let you use specific features like search mails, write a new mail, and even delete mails from Gmail without Wi-Fi or data connectivity.

Using machine learning, Google can nearly write an email for you, based on recipient (s), subject line, and a few words in the body.

Google can now instantly warn users if it suspects an email is from a fraudulent source.