Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

University of Buckingham holding events for Mental Health Awareness Week

Every day is mental health awareness day University of Buckingham holding events for Mental Health Awareness Week
Melissa Porter | 11 May, 2018, 18:58

She called on those who may know someone suffering from mental illness to stop enabling them by pretending everything is alright when it's obvious that it's not.

I'm Eric Chase with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of greater Toledo. "Those living with a mental illness should never bear these burdens alone, nor should their families who struggle heroically to assist their loved ones", the letter said, emphasising that Christians must "encounter them, accompany them, comfort them and help bear their burdens in solidarity with them - offering our understanding, prayers and tangible and ongoing assistance".

Trudeau said the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) provides services and said Canadians are lucky to have services in communities across the country to provide grassroots services, but added "we could do better".

"We intend to raise awareness about the impact of stigma on those experiencing a mental illness, as well as the impact on their families and other people in their lives, with the goal of making Mercer County a stigma-free community".

"The earlier you're able to identify those behavioral health issues then you're gonna be able to work on those a little bit quicker and hoping that recovery will be just around the corner", says Melissa Moore. There is no shame in asking for help and there are multiple agencies willing to listen and provide the support needed. "Mental health and addiction are one and the same".

Trudeau says if there is one thing people walk away with from her presentation, it's to "start the conversation".

"I'm a person that, no matter what, understands that we all go through things and everybody deserves a chance to make it", he said. One or two symptoms alone can not predict a mental illness.

Trudeau has written four books, with the most recent "Changing My Mind" made available to guests at the Bruce Power event.

In order to determine whether abusive behavior is connected to mental illness, The Hotline encourages the victim to examine their partner's behavior toward others. "We need to be talking about it and we need to be looking for treatment and we need to be looking for resources and a plan", Hernandez said.

Bruce Power workers were invited to a similar presentation by Trudeau at the Kincardine nuclear site on Thursday as a lead in to the company's metal health initiatives on Friday.

"It's always pretty much the same message, that mental health disorders, they're pretty common", she said.