Monday, 17 December, 2018

My own sexuality inspired me for bisexual anthem 'Girls': Rita Ora

Cardi B joins Rita Ora's girl-power music video as she can't afford Nicki Minaj Rita Ora has enlisted the help of Cardi B for an all-star collaboration
Melissa Porter | 11 May, 2018, 18:47

Ora recruited the rapper and two of her pop peers for the song "Girls", a new summer "anthem" released today.

"Sometimes, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls", the hook goes, eventually sung by all four as the song unfolds.

Referring to the line "I'm 50/50, and I'm not gonna hide it", the star explained: "I'm not hiding what I am, who I am, if I wanna do this, if I wanna do that".

The music video will also feature all of the star studded line-up after Bebe and Rita shot some parts of it this past week in London before Rita flew over to join Cardi in some of her scenes. "I wanted to do something that was in that lane", Ora added.

The fourth artist featuring on the song is Albanian native Bebe who the Anywhere hitmaker claims she has always been desperate to work with.

Rita continued that she was definitely the most open she has ever been with a song. Rita knew that people were going to read into the lyrics: "I definitely said it because I can - and it was one of those things where, if I was 50/50.I'm not saying I'm '70/30.'".

"I like the freedom of being able to flirt with whoever I want". Asked directly if she's bisexual or fluid, Rita refused to answer and instead said vaguely: "I think the way.If people look at it like that, it's very narrow-minded, and I don't think that's what this record is".

"Girls" has been cooking for a long time ago, as tidbits of the song have been floating around since late 2017.

UK-based pop chanteuse Rita Ora has dropped a catchy tune titled 'Girls'.

"Then it got into Cardi's hands, and she loved it, and she was actually the first person to put a verse on it".