Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Trump Launches Airstrikes on Syria; Russia, Iran Warn of Consequences

Trump Launches Airstrikes on Syria; Russia, Iran Warn of Consequences Trump Launches Airstrikes on Syria; Russia, Iran Warn of Consequences
Melinda Barton | 17 April, 2018, 02:08

"He is lying." The United States, France and Britain said they launched the air strikes against Syrian government military installations in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack by the regime a week ago - a claim dismissed by Damascus and its allies Russian Federation and Iran.

Initial reports said the explosions were heard at Jabal Azan, a small Iranian base south of Aleppo.

The targets included a scientific research facility near Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility west of the city of Homs, and a third location near Homs that contained both a command post and a chemical weapons equipment storage facility, the United States military said.

The media reports were contrasted with denials of the attack by supporters of the Syrian government. A top Pentagon official, Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, said the action would set back Syria's chemical weapons program "for years".

The Iranian delegation would hold talks with Syrian senior officials to discuss a host of political issues, including the recent missile strike launched on Syria by the US and its allies, Britain and France. The organization has previously determined that chemical weapons have been used in Syria.

They "are responsible for the regional consequences of this adventurist action", it said, condemning a "clear violation of global rules and laws".

When asked whether Russian Federation was prepared to work with the proposals of Western countries at the United Nations, Ryabkov told TASS news agency: "We will work calmly, methodically and professionally, using all opportunities to remove the situation from its current extremely risky political peak".

The White House said it had overwhelming evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons and deployed sarin gas against Douma's civilian population.

Now that the USA and its Western allies have retaliated for the Douma attack with missile strikes against targets in Syria, it is obvious that Iran will also pay a heavy price.

President Donald Trump, in a press conference on Friday evening, condemned Russian Federation and Iran for being complicit in the Assad regime's crimes against humanity.

He said the strikes were a direct response to the attack on Douma.

"Trump's resolve and Israel's support remain unchanged", Netanyahu said.

"No Syrian weapon had any effect on what we did", McKenzie said.