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Why it took so long to respond to marathon runner's collapse

Why it took so long to respond to marathon runner's collapse Why it took so long to respond to marathon runner's collapse
Kristopher Love | 16 April, 2018, 14:20

We are pleased to report he is sitting up and speaking with his dad and Team Scotland medical staff. They also said help was provided as soon as Hawkins requested it.

As the brutal conditions took their toll on all the runners, positions changed radically over the closing stages and Scotland gained a Commonwealth marathon medal from an unexpected source with Robbie Simpson clinching bronze.

Team Scotland also tweeted Hawkins was receiving medical treatment.

According to GOLDOC, medical staff were posted at 500m intervals in the final kilometres of the course, and were equipped with radio communications.

Australian victor Michael Shelley ran past the prone Hawkins just as help arrived.

"I'm just concerned for his welfare. You can't have medical people on every kilometer of the road".

"This is not in keeping with the spirit of GC2018". You can not just wait at the finish line. On the home straight, as you can see, I tried to accelerate but I was gone as well.

Callum Hawkins had looked set for a comfortable victory in the men's marathon before succumbing to the Gold Coast heat.

Hawkins was by no means the only athlete to suffer in the heat - Tanzania's Stephano Huche Gwandu was taken away in a wheelchair after taking a tumble as he crossed the finish line.

As you know the worldwide rules are very clear in that an athlete has to declare themselves unfit to race (before they can receive any medical attention).

"I saw him (Callum) on the Sundale Bridge and thought 'Oh s***' and just tried to hang on".

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Whilst Callum's recovery is our clear priority, we are still reviewing the circumstances of today's race with GOLDOC and the CGF to ensure the continued health and well-being of all athletes remains paramount.

"I'm glad to be finished to be honest", added Shelley.

On passing the distressed Hawkins, defending champion Shelley told reporters: "I wasn't sure what was going on. You've got to be fierce and that was as fierce as I've ever been".

"So to see someone like that, who I respect so much just lying there, it was very bad". I was thinking that I wanted to get to the end just so I can be part of the Scottish team and do the whole team proud.

"I came here for a gold, I settled for silver, but I've promised the world I will be the best in the world", said Smith. Hawkins, who was fourth at the World Championships a year ago, was reported one hour after the race to be conscious.

Fellow Tanzanian Saidi Juma Makula collapsed close to the finish line before being helped into an ambulance - one of seven of the 24 starters who failed to complete the race.