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WhatsApp is changing it's 'delete for all' feature

Whatsapp request payment WhatsApp is changing it's 'delete for all' feature
Theresa Hayes | 16 April, 2018, 12:57

Just a couple of days after WhatsApp beta for Android was spotted replacing timestamps with ASCII codes, the development team has released a new beta version that fixes the odd issue.

WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109 listed the last time users were online with the timestamps - "89ESTERDAY" and "84ODAY". Once you have deleted media including photos and videos on WhatApp, it is lost. However, now, WhatsApp will not delete the data from the server and will enable users to download it again if it was deleted accidentally.

"Interestingly, the new WhatsApp feature also means that the app stores users" media on its servers even after the files have been downloaded, the report said. This is how it works.

Did you notice the all-new "Request Money' option on your beloved messaging app?" Rolling out the "WhatsApp Payment" feature will prove to be a game changer for Facebook owned messaging app. When you download the files, the same was deleted from the servers.

If you have deleted the downloaded media content from the phone's storage, you can go back to the chat conversation on WhatsApp. Only if the file has been deleted in sdcard/WhatsApp/ and you have the message in the chat, you can successfully download it again. Recently WhatsApp had confirmed that the user's data and communications are secured with end-to-end encryption and nobody in between can read messages and listen to calls, not even WhatsApp. It is worth noting that if you delete a media file from your smartphone, you need to have the message where the sender sent you the specific file to be able to download it again. Otherwise, it will not be possible to redownload it. This feature is not available for iOS users because it is unlikely that users will delete anything from the internal file directory without access. However, very old data, such as images sent a year ago in August, were not retrievable.