Thursday, 13 December, 2018

US 'locked and loaded' to strike Syria again if new attack: Haley

GETTYThe USS Porter launching a Tomahawk missile in 2003 GETTYThe USS Porter launching a Tomahawk missile in 2003
Melinda Barton | 16 April, 2018, 03:42

Russian officials warned of "consequences" after President Donald Trump announced his approval of US -led military strikes in Syria against the Russian-backed regime of Bashar al-Assad.

"A perfectly executed strike last night".

Trump: 'Mission Accomplished!' "Britain, France, and the United States of America have marshalled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality". Could not have had a better result.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the strikes had been limited so far to Syria's chemical weapons facilities.

"Very soon, very soon, we're coming out", Trump told a crowd in Richfield, Ohio, on March 30.

"We consider it possible to return to examination of this issue not only in regard to Syria but to other countries as well", Rudskoi said following the US-led airstrikes.

He then tacked on: "Mission Accomplished!" We hit the sites, the heart of the chem-weapons program.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, countered that Russia's track record of vetoing Security Council resolutions created to rein in the Assad government had given the Syrian leader "a green light" for the use of "barbaric weapons".

"I spoke to the president this morning and he said: If the Syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again, the United States is locked and loaded", Haley said.

"In my opinion, yesterday sent only one message to the Syrian government: you can not use chemical weapons against Syrian children".

"Good souls will not be humiliated", Assad tweeted, while hundreds of Syrians gathered in Damascus, the capital, where they flashed victory signs and waved flags in scenes of defiance after the one-hour barrage.

In 2017, the US launched missiles against Syria following reports of a sarin gas attack. Russia, which had promised to respond to any attack on its ally, said that Syrian air defences had intercepted 71 of the missiles fired.

The allied attack set off a fierce worldwide debate about whether it was justified.

After the vote, Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the meeting confirmed that the USA and its allies "continue to put worldwide politics and diplomacy in the realm of myth-making - myths invented in London, Paris and Washington".

Syria said on Saturday that US-led missile strikes on military targets and research facilities have failed to achieve their goal, condemning them as a flagrant breach of worldwide law. It might seem Washington struck just to save face.

She blamed the Security Council and Russia's actions for failing in its duty to hold those who use chemical weapons to account. White said she could not go into detail about that evidence.

"Assad has established himself as a user of chemical weapons" from past attacks, the official added.

On Friday, the US Navy said it was moving additional Tomahawk missile-armed ship within striking distance of Syria. "This time he's organizing with the French and British and they'll try and put leverage on the Syrians and Russians and Iranians to bring them to the negotiating table". Russian forces claimed to have shot down a dozen missiles, but the USA military pushed back at those claims.

"Initial assessments are that this target was destroyed", he said.

The vote reflected the deep divisions in the UN's most powerful body, which has been paralysed in dealing with the seven-year Syrian conflict and chemical weapons use in the country.

The joint operation was in response to a suspected chemical attack in the city of Douma last week.

The U.S. had no coordination or agreements with Russians before the strike, McKenzie said.

The Pentagon said it knew of no civilian casualties "at this time".

Hundreds of pro-Assad supporters gathered in a Damascus square immediately after the attack to celebrate what they claimed was the successful shooting down of U.S. missiles. "It's a much more efficient weapon, unfortunately, the way the regime has been using it, and it's resulted in higher deaths, it resulted in awful pictures". "But our efforts have been repeatedly thwarted" by Syria and Russian Federation, she said.

"We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will", she said. It is not about regime change. Officials in the US and other Western countries have blamed the Syrian government for that attack. Russia's defence ministry claimed that 71 of the missiles were shot down, a claim denied by the U.S. authorities.