Saturday, 20 October, 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveals Classic Kingdom

Kingdom Hearts 3,NoobFeed,Square Enix Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveals Classic Kingdom
Theresa Hayes | 16 April, 2018, 19:27

The trailer shows Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy looking down at what appears to be some sort of gaming device and try their hands at some classic black-and-white old school Disney-themed 1980s LCD games.

At the recent Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dandelion Meeting, the Japanese games giant unveiled a new "Classic Kingdom" trailer for the upcoming game. The largest team at Square Enix is the one that works on the title. The four games include The Barnyard Battle, The Karnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer. There, fans were hoping to see something new from Kingdom Hearts 3, and they weren't disappointed. Seeing that Kingdom Hearts' offerings are largely similar to Final Fantasy, we can assume a similar outcome for the Disney-themed game. The video is short, but it quickly runs through some very interesting mini-games.

Kingdom Hearts III is still lacking a precise release date, although we've already been informed about the launch in 2018. When you consider that Kingdom Hearts 2 is turning 13 this year, it's hard to blame fans for getting a little antsy about KH3's release date. Despite this, there is still no exact date for its debut, but we know that it will arrive sometime this year.