Monday, 20 August, 2018

Kim Kardashian West hires a party bus for high school reunion

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Stacy Diaz | 16 April, 2018, 02:20

The reality star cut an excited figure on Snapchat on Friday night, explaining to her millions of fans that she was both excited and nervous to be catching up with the Marymount High School class of 1998.

'So my friends are anxious that we're going to run into people that they were mean to, ' she states, before adding 'I feel so good about my conscience, I was so nice to everyone'.

Talking to her fans, she confided, 'So my friends are anxious that we're going to run into people that they were mean to.

Forget Coachella ... the hottest place to be on Friday night was Marymount High with Kim Kardashian!

The 37-year-old shared pics of the event on Snapchat.

Glad Kim K had a good time looking back, though!

She shared a video of her walking around her school where she stated, "We are walking down the same halls that we walked 20 years ago, this is insane!"

Kardashian still hasn't commented publicly on her relationship with Thompson, but he was present at the birth (though multiple sources are reporting she plans to move back to L.A. as soon as it's healthy for the baby). She rented out a party bus, arriving with friends in style as they took a literal walk down memory lane, strolling through the halls of their former school.

Kim Kardashian had lately been posting several pictures of herself in a bikini, on social media.

Being a good sport, the mom of three dons a name tag because, TBH, she has changed a lot since high school.