Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Justin Bieber 'hit' man who grabbed girl at Coachella

Justin Bieber 'hit' man who grabbed girl at Coachella Justin Bieber 'hit' man who grabbed girl at Coachella
Stacy Diaz | 16 April, 2018, 09:57

The alleged altercation took place at a party hosted by Patrick Schwarzenneger on the night of April 14. However, it appears someone tried to killed his vibe after he was forced to get involved in a fight to rescue a woman from an abusvie man.

Inside sources at the party say the man who went insane on the woman appeared to be on drugs. Justin was talking to some people when a guy walked in, spotted a woman. and went ballistic.

The woman was grabbed by the throat by the man in question who wasn't releasing her. Bieber and his friend at the party then allegedly started screaming at the man to let her go. The timing there finally allowed the woman to escape his death grip and run away. Bieber and the friend repeatedly told the guy to let her go; when he refused by screaming, "Go fuck yourself", Bieber hit him, freeing the woman from his grasp.

We're told the guy was thrown out of the party and a short time later, was chasing an SUV. apparently believing Justin was inside.

Local police officers arrested him later that evening.

He was in good spirits and, two days before the brawl, was even spotted taking selfies with 11-year-old internet sensation Mason "Walmart Kid" Ramsey who became a viral hit when he was filmed yodelling inside the United States discount store last month.