Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Fear The Walking Dead Will Make Way For More TWD Crossover

Negan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale AMCNegan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale
Stacy Diaz | 16 April, 2018, 18:40

He's on Fear the Walking Dead (which premiered its fourth season on Sunday) now, but is everyone's favourite stickman actually gone for good in the main TWD-verse? Unlike Eugene's kablooey surprise, All-Out War ends with a fizzle, rather than a satisfying boom.

We're all back for season 9. right?

First, lets recap what happens around the mystery tree.

Obviously, "The Walking Dead" is too much of a cash cow for AMC to part with the show blithely, but at this point, it wouldn't be insane to start contemplating an end game, one that would allow viewers to follow Rick's story, at least, toward some sort of natural conclusion. Then he got all teary-eyed; Rick got teary-eyed, too, and then he slashed Negan's throat. This, along with a talk with Morgan-who laments that "we are worse than we were, me and you"-finally causes Rick to come back to himself".

In the end, Rick doesn't kill Negan, confirming that previous flash-forwards to a bleary-eyed Rick weren't him truly lost, but rather when his mercy does indeed prevail over his wrath.

In the end, Rick wrote Carl a letter of his own, thanking his son for bringing "all of us to the new world". The show removed the moment where Negan admits he never even considered cooperation, but it does keep the result of Negan's distraction: Rick suddenly slashes his throat, wounding him enough to declare victory. After Negan bashed in the skull of her husband with Lucille at the beginning of season 7, she has wanted Negan dead more than anyone else.

This would've marked one of the more major departures the show's made from its source material as Negan survives in the comics to be imprisoned in Alexandria. Granted, he told him that if he ever turned up there again he would kill them.

In last week's episode, "Worth", Daryl and Rosita hatched a plot to kidnap Eugene in order to stop him from manufacturing bullets for The Saviors. The conversation turned ominous when she said, "But Rick and Michonne ..."

Judging by the preview image above, we could be looking at the end of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) tenure on The Walking Dead. He wants everyone to go home but tells them that Negan's way of doing things is over. Maggie makes it clear that Alden and the rest of the prisoners will not be fighting alongside them, and they will stay at the Hilltop. If Morgan can do it, maybe Dwight could do it too.

Following the showdown, everyone had to figure out more of what the future was going to hold. The move is clearly a step in the right direction, though.

Morgan is still freaking out and seeing things, so Rick suggests that he hang back. Are they changed people based on their experiences? Oceanside isn't an all-women community in the comics, and they don't participate in the fight against Negan.

Jadis is another wildcard who's not in the comics.

Could that horde be hiding the next group Rick's people go up against in the comics, The Whispers? Here are a few things we learned from four of the actors. We knew that was going to be the final masterstroke.

Rick, of course, wasted his last bullets firing on Negan from a distance. It's an uneasy partnership, and one that opens the door for Negan's redemption. What that means for the character is unknown, but Negan, despite Morgan's appeal as an actor and a recent rebound for the character, hasn't worked as a big baddie. Only time will tell what's in store for this character, but suffice to say there's certainly plenty of content to mine for season nine.