Monday, 18 February, 2019

You're apathetic about privacy, and Facebook is counting on it

You're apathetic about privacy, and Facebook is counting on it You're apathetic about privacy, and Facebook is counting on it
Melissa Porter | 15 April, 2018, 02:59

In an effort to make amends the company is contacting the 87 million users whose data was obtained by Cambridge Analytica, the outfit that has come under fire over the way its business operates and the ways in which it has used data to manipulate voters in elections around the world.

While Facebook has endured a number of scandals over the past few years, the fallout and controversy stemming from the Cambridge Analytica saga undoubtedly represents the biggest public relations challenge the social networking giant has ever faced.

When Blackburn asked him if Facebook was manipulating algorithms to prioritize or censor speech, Zuckerberg answered that there are types of speech - like terrorism - that Facebook is "very proud" to have removed from its site.

"I don't want anyone at our company to make any decisions based on the political ideology of the content".

But why are there so many videos of people claiming to have proved Facebook is listening? He didn't mention whether those other apps included Facebook's own Messenger, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are also both owned by Facebook.

Facebook also provides advertisers with a tool called Facebook Pixel, an invisible code that allows both marketers and Facebook to track users' actions.

Zuckerberg further said that the counter-terrorism team had designed systems, which helped to flag terrorist groups communication and removing their accounts automatically.

Almost one-third of Americans (31.7%) think the embattled social network is having a "negative impact on society", according to a survey conducted in recent months by CEO Mark Zuckerberg's former personal pollster, Tavis McGinn.

Lujan: Facebook has detailed profiles on people who have never signed up for Facebook, yes or no?

Yesterday Facebook shares dipped, but are still up three percent overall since Zuckerberg began his testimony on Capitol Hill.

Lujan: It's been admitted by Facebook that you do collect data points on non-[Facebook users]. My question is, can someone who does not have a Facebook account opt out of Facebook's involuntary data collection?

With profiling questions coming to the fore lately, Fraser took the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to download his Facebook data.

Hopefully Zuckerberg can put his hoodie back on, rebuild Facebook's image and get back to the good old days of virtual puppies and killer flair.

"One thing that seems to be clear from everything that has taken place is that not everybody is talking from the same script", he said. However, this meant that the Facebook Events data would also include information about who else attended the event, as well as any posts shared on the event's wall.

Facebook is conducting an internal audit to discover how many third-party apps scraped user data.

In response the social network boss said: "Yes, there will always be a version of Facebook that is free".

"I could use that information in order to send them ads suggesting that they could vote online - something that happened in the US presidential election - in order to discourage those people from actually going to a polling place and casting a ballot".