Sunday, 19 August, 2018

Trump Talks With Allies as He Weighs Syria Strike Decision

Melinda Barton | 15 April, 2018, 19:55

"If it's Russian Federation, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out and we'll know the answers quite soon", he pledged Monday.

Mr. Mattis said he personally believes Syria is guilty of an "inexcusable" use of chemical weapons, while noting that the global fact-finding team would likely fall short of determining who was responsible. On Thursday, Trump tweeted that an attack "could be very soon or not so soon at all!" She called the Syrian government a "murderous regime".

On Wednesday, even though Mr Trump had previously said he would not "broadcast" his moves in Syria, he said in a post on Twitter that missiles "will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!'".

Trump threatened on Wednesday to launch a missile attack on Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack by Syrian troops in the rebel-held Douma district on the outskirts of Syrian capital Damascus.

Velayati supported Assad's stance, adding that threats by some Western countries to attack Syria are "based on lies after the liberation of Eastern Ghouta".

A top leader of Jaish al-Islam, a group which controlled Douma for years, told AFP it was Saturday's attack that forced them to accept a Russian-brokered deal and evacuate.

That may prove too little, too late.

"All the indications are that the Syrian regime was responsible". Russian Federation and Syria have been calling for the global investigation of the alleged attack.

In Paris, France's Emmanuel Macron upped the pressure on Moscow by stating he had "proof" that the Assad's regime had used chemical weapons, and vowing a response "at a time of our choosing". It was not clear whether the presence of the investigators could affect the timing of any US military action.

National security experts anxious about whether strikes would actually serve to deter Assad. This claim has not been independently verified.

But the pinpoint strike did not deter Assad and United States officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have since investigated as many as 10 suspected chemical attacks.

Defence Secretary Jim Mattis warned such an attack carried the risk of spinning out of control, suggesting caution ahead of a decision on how to respond to an attack against civilians last weekend that USA officials are increasingly certain involved the use of banned chemical weapons.

The same officials say Syria has continued to produce or procure chlorine, which also has industrial and agricultural uses. The fact-finding mission of the OPCW is to start their work in Douma on Saturday.