Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

Trump Goes On Sunday Morning Twitter Rant Against 'Slimeball' James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey is seen here speaking to ABC News about the 2016 presidential election Former FBI Director James Comey is seen here speaking to ABC News about the 2016 presidential election
Melinda Barton | 15 April, 2018, 22:56

Trump, for his part, is said to be fuming about the book, and White House aides are angry over what they see as Comey's unnecessarily personal jabs at the president, the official said. CNN's Jake Tapper is set to interview Comey on April 19. In May, shortly after Comey's dismissal, he rejected Trump's description of Comey as a "nut job" and said "I like Comey" - though he also defended Trump's decision to fire him.

Trump and his allies have already launched a counterattack.

Trump, who criticized Comey repeatedly before and after he fired him, denounced him on Twitter on Friday: "James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR", he said. The interview kicks off a media blitz by Comey to promote the release of his book. One part of NBC's story suggests that the man who fired him-or at least followed Trump's instructions and wrote the memo doing so-is about as self-righteous as the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

"And I remember thinking", said Comey, "'How could your wife think there's a one percent chance you were with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow?'.What kind of marriage to what kind of man does your wife think [that] there's only a 99 percent chance you didn't do that?"

Comey, fired by Trump in May 2017, says the president has no sense of what is right and wrong.

"I had developed great respect for him as a leader and a person", Comey writes at one point.

Mr Comey was sacked from his position as Director of the FBI in May 2017, before being replaced by Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the Russian Federation investigation.

While Comey supporters mostly held back from comment till they read the full book, which has not been officially released, some defended his credibility.

Trump also accused Comey of throwing former Attorney General Loretta Lynch "under the bus", drawing his phrasing from a New York Post headline from Friday. The document claimed that Trump had watched the prostitutes urinate on themselves in the same Moscow suite that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama had stayed in "as a way of soiling the bed", Comey writes. In the clip, Comey characterizes the situation as surreal. "I think he should be left to do his job, and I don't think they're really contemplating this".

Trump fired Comey in May 2017, claiming initially that he was unhappy with Comey's handling of the Clinton emails probe but subsequently claiming in a television interview that the decision was based on Comey's decision to pursue an investigation into Trump's alleged collusion with Russian Federation. "I don't know. Certainly not consciously, but I would be a fool to say it couldn't have had an impact on me". Trump said he would think about it and asked Comey to consider it too. Flynn has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia's ambassador and is now cooperating with the Mueller investigation.

Russian Federation has denied interfering in the election and Trump has denied any collusion or improper activity.