Saturday, 18 August, 2018

School District Arms Teachers With Mini Baseball Bats - No, We're Not Kidding

School District Arms Teachers With Mini Baseball Bats - No, We're Not Kidding School District Arms Teachers With Mini Baseball Bats - No, We're Not Kidding
Nellie Chapman | 15 April, 2018, 17:03

"I am so sorry because I'll be totally honest, I was trying to reach the kids", Fish told WVIT. The state didn't find itself in this school funding crisis overnight. They said lawmakers just needed to raise another $50 million in revenue in order to call off the walkout.

He also mentioned, "the truth is I'm an idiot and wanted to befriend them".

Her son said he was shocked. Little or no headway was made on the teachers' broader demands for a restoration of prior education funding cuts, to be paid for by a rollback of the tax cuts that the GOP has regularly enacted in this deep-red state.

"We are not giving up", she said. "We compliment the school district staff who worked hand-in-hand with us to hold Mr. Knight accountable for his conduct" said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. In addition to the advocacy group, she said teachers will remain watchful and involved in the legislative process.

The Department of Basic Education responded to a DA Parliamentary Question, saying that it would support the declaration of a minimum service level agreement for teachers by the ESC to ensure children are not left unsupervised during school hours.

"Without remedying teacher pay and benefits", Hansen concluded, "the quality of the teacher workforce and the pipeline leading to it will continue to suffer in not just those states that are striking but in all states where teacher and educational conditions are weak". Moorehead wrote that in the fights, the boys were always unevenly matched; one student was much smaller than the other student.

She said teachers in her district feel strongly that they should keep walking.

The walk out at John Hardin was put in motion, Evans said, Thursday night over various forms of social media. "We will remember in November". So, you've got to bring the experts in, which we've done. Salary has absolutely nothing to do with it.

State Rep. Mike Sanders, R-Kingfisher, said the move could mark the biggest threat to education in the state.

"I'm blown away about the support you have shown, " he added. The teacher allegedly struck other kids, too - Kailyn says six children were hit altogether.

John Hardin senior Athena O'Neil said "there is a lot that is wrong with the US educational system" and change starts with the teachers. "We are going to give it a shot this fourth quarter", she said.

She said while it was time to pull back because teachers weren't making any more progress with legislators, she promises teachers won't completely step back because although it disrupted school, the walkout achieved results.

"They were spread into our teaching team because a symbolic reminder of this district change in its existing response from shelter set up (hide) to now include the options of conducting and/or fighting back", he explained.

And resident Nadene Kumph said, "I grew up in this town and I've never heard of anything like that happening before".