Sunday, 15 July, 2018

Janice Dickinson says Cosby raped her after giving pill

Chelan Lasha weeps as she returns to the courtroom after recess to testify against Bill Cosby during Cosby's sexual assault retrial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown Pa. on Wednesday Chelan Lasha weeps because she contributes to the courtroom following recess to fend from Bill Cosby during Cosby’s sexual attack retrial
Nellie Chapman | 15 April, 2018, 01:29

Editor's note: This post contains some graphic language.

On the fourth day of Bill Cosby's retrial, Janice Dickinson took the stand to testify against the comedian.

Bill Cosby's testimony was heard as part of Cosby's retrial for the alleged rape of a friend in 2004. In the photo, he is talking on a phone in a hotel room.

Dickinson testified she met Cosby and his musical director for dinner and complained of menstrual cramps.

Dickinson said the book's ghost writer and publisher changed the story to protect against Cosby's legal team. "When I spoke, it didn't sound like words were coming out. I was in my head", she said.

"He offered me transportation and he said, 'Will you fly economy?'" she said.

Dickinson is just one of many women - more than 30, to be exact - to accuse Cosby of rape or sexual assault.

But unfortunately, she had to face the sexual assault of Cosby.

Cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. In opening statements, Mesereau called the prosecution's strategy with these witnesses "prosecution by distraction" because they did not have enough evidence in Constand's case.

Dickinson said there was a big difference between a celebrity book and testifying under oath. "Maybe you'll be too blinded by accusations".

"Shortly after I took the pictures and he finished the conversation, he got on top of me", Dickinson said.

Cosby has said the sex with Constand was consensual. And more memorable than his scent was the symbol of power and decency he had long embodied to her. "Here was 'America's Dad, ' on top of me".

'Here was America's dad on top of me, a happily married man with five children and I remember how wrong it was, how very, very wrong it was, ' she said. "How very wrong it was".

She found semen amongst her legs the overnight she explained. Her pajamas were rendered askew.

But Lublin now believes she was assaulted and that she never trusted Cosby enough to be alone with him again. She faced off in a rapid-fire battle of wits with Cosby's flamboyant attorney, Thomas Mesereau, who is known for his near-shoulder-length, dazzlingly white hair.

His bewildered look infused her with rage, she told the jury.

She also feared that he would use his power in the entertainment industry to damage her career.

"When you don't have a case, you have to fill the time with something else", Mesereau said. "I had clients who would not appreciate the fact that I had been raped".

It's expected to resume on Thursday afternoon.

Questioning Dickinson about the discrepancy between her testimony and her account of meeting Cosby in her 2002 memoir, "No Lifeguard on Duty", Mesereau suggested that Dickinson lied to get a paycheck. The book's ghostwriter, she said, took "poetic license".

Bill Cosby's lawyer is trying to raise doubts about a woman's allegation that he knocked her out with pills and raped her in 1982.

She called any idea of a romantic relationship "absurd". "I was really humiliated".

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

Mesereau had series of questions over Dickinson's civil litigation aimed at Cosby, including a pending defamation lawsuit.

Cosby is accused of committing pills and assaulting her at his residence near Philadelphia. Cosby tracked her down to Bali, where she was modeling for an oil company calendar, and asked her to Lake Tahoe "to further talk about my career". He's a powerful guy.

Mesereau presented excerpts from Dickinson's three books in which she describes scenes in the 1970s and '80s where heavy drug use and promiscuous sex were common, including wild party scenes at the NY discotheque Studio 54.

Dickinson denied spreading rumors, saying she'd merely informed Stallone that she was pregnant and he might be the father. Dickinson said she consented to the publication because she was "broke" and needed to cover costs related to her two children.

She said she was "very scared" about going to police because "he was a Temple trustee".

"I remember the taste of his kiss, it smelt like cigars and espresso".

Andrea Constand took the stand at his sexual assault retrial Friday.

Cosby, who portrayed kindly Dr. Cliff Huxtable on his hit TV comedy "The Cosby Show", turned away and smiled slightly. Glaring across the room at Cosby, Dickinson described the 80-year-old entertainer as a "monster".