Saturday, 22 September, 2018

Facebook Is Starting To Copy More Features From Instagram

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Theresa Hayes | 15 April, 2018, 03:27

AR allows users to doodle on the real world, ie draw their own AR images in real life.

Add 3D drawings will be possible before or during video recording.

The second new feature announced for Facebook Stories - Boomerang - is an evolution of the GIF-creating feature available for a while. Users will then be able to wrap around their scribbles around the objects, but the technology is still far from ideal.

The news comes after Instagram's parent company Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data scandal due to which Instagram earlier cut off the Application program interface (API) access for some developers and limited on how often others can use its API to collect data on Instagram users. Now there is also a new AR feature to help in the same. It will not work, for example, in low light conditions and if the software is unsure of the object.

In the coming weeks, users will be able to draw on pictures they are taking through its camera, a feature that is being called, "3D drawing".

In an attempt to bring its Stories feature on-par with Snapchat, Facebook has brought the popular "Boomerang" video effect from Instagram. Instagram's Stories feature is a Snapchat clone, but sees much higher user engagement, according to Engadget.

Facebook has been pushing its Stories tool aggressively, despite a muted response from users.

The new Augmented Reality is what amazes the masses over the Internet and the giant is now adding AR based doodles to your stories by making use of 3D Drawing. The company established brand partnerships for Facebook Stories in October past year and has also considered letting users create stories from the desktop website in the hopes of attracting more engagement.