Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

Police release bodycam footage of confrontation with YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam

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Stacy Diaz | 14 April, 2018, 04:36

California police have released body camera footage of YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam in her auto in Mountain View calmly telling officers she wasn't going to hurt anyone just hours before she opened fire at the company headquarters on April 3. TIMELINE: Nasim Aghdam's movements leading up to YouTube HQ shootingThe video shows how the officer first had his dispatcher obtain more information from San Diego County where Aghdam had been reported by her family as missing. Aghdam responded, "No." Police asked her if she planned to hurt herself or others, and she said "no" to all these questions. She told the officers she did not want them to give her father her new number.

The officer in charge asked Aghdam if she was taking any medication or planning to hurt anyone, including herself, and she answered no to both questions, ABC 7 reported.

Asked why she picked Mountain View, Aghdam said: "I wanted to sleep around here".

The business owner said they then designed customised bangles for Ms Bines with her own quotes engraved.

Aghdam's father reportedly called them back an hour later to tell them she was angry with YouTube for changes to the platform that negatively impacted the views and monetization of her animal rights and pro-vegan videos. Aghdam was sleeping inside and a check of her records did not reveal any instances or threats of violence.

Those system checks regarding Aghdam came back negative.

Aghdam had her own channel, posting sometimes freaky videos, focusing on workouts and veganism.

The first officer to spot Aghdam's vehicle had been proactively patrolling the parking lot at 600 Showers Drive, and when the license plate for her auto was connected to a missing person's report out of the San Diego area, a second officer was sent to the scene as backup, according to a police press release.

KRON 4 reports that the video shows an officer running towards the property where shots were fired at the headquarters in San Bruno, California.

As such, our officers are constantly cognizant of this dynamic and in this context, look to strike the balance between investigative police work and maintaining the civil liberties of those that they contact.

Watch a clip from the police bodycam footage with Nasim Aghdam.

He communicated the interaction with the father and when he understood the two hung up.

In a statement, Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel said that his officers followed proper protocol.

Police said Aghdam's father did not indicate that she was a danger to herself or anyone else and did not bring up any concerns about her behavior.