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United States allies decide whether to join President Trump in Syria strike

Melinda Barton | 13 April, 2018, 02:40

So the three countries are discussing a range of options, including preventing Assad from conducting future attacks by striking military capabilities involved in carrying out such attack, the official said.

The BBC reported that May was ready to give the go-ahead for Britain to take part in military action.

Asked about possible US strikes on Syria, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that "it's necessary to avoid any steps that may fuel tensions in Syria".

He said that the USA role in Syria is to defeat Islamic State, not "to engage in the civil war itself".

"More than 500 cases. were brought to local medical centers with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical agent" including "respiratory distress" and foaming at the mouth, the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and the White Helmets said in a joint statement.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that France has proof that the Syrian government launched chlorine gas attacks and that France would not tolerate "regimes that think everything is permitted". The allies are working to decide what response would be "useful and efficient", Macron said in a television interview.

The Russian military said Thursday that the Syrian government is now in full control of the town, once held by rebels opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad.

May said she had little doubt - despite Syrian and Russian protests to the contrary - that Assad's government was to blame for what happened in Douma.

"We're still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies", Mattis said. Syria has denied using chemical weapons.

Germany will not participate in attacks on the Assad regime, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

. "With every victory on the ground, some Western countries raise their voices and intensify their activities in an effort to change the trajectory of events", said Assad.

"These voices and possible moves will only contribute to further destabilization of the region which will in turn threaten worldwide peace and security", Assad was cited as saying.

Syria's military has repositioned some air assets to avoid fallout from possible missile strikes, USA officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

It's not yet clear what kind of military action May is reportedly considering taking. "Final decisions haven't been made yet", press secretary Sarah Sanders said.

Trump he said at the time.

A child evacuated from Douma receives preventive medicine upon arrival in Al-Bab district, Aleppo, Syria, 11 April 2018 (issued 12 April 2018).

But Trump notably did not rule out plans to attack Syria in retaliation for the weekend's suspected chemical attack on civilians at the hands of the Assad regime.

"We are not surprised by this reckless escalation from a regime like the one in the United States, which has and continues to sponsor terrorism in Syria", the ministry said, adding that statements from Washington lack "wisdom and logic" and endanger global peace and security.

"Any delay in visiting the location of the alleged incident could lead to another reckless move of Washington, which already fired missiles on Syria's Shayrat airbase in April 2017 in violation of the United Nations charter and worldwide law", the ministry said in a statement.

More than 2,000 USA troops are in Syria, where a US -led coalition has launched thousands of airstrikes - mostly on Islamic State and other extremists.

Aid groups have blamed the Assad regime, backed by Russian Federation and Iran.