Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Taylor Swift covers Earth, Wind & Fire, and Twitter isn't impressed

Acoustic Version of'Delicate and Cover of Earth Wind and Fire's'September Taylor Swift covers Earth, Wind & Fire, and Twitter isn't impressed
Stacy Diaz | 13 April, 2018, 23:04

So, when Swift made a decision to return to her country, singer/songwriter roots for two Spotify Singles - one an acoustic version of "Delicate", the other a cover of Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" - it elicited a mixed reaction.

Taylor Swift has continued her now-friendly relationship with Spotify with two new recordings for Spotify Singles.

Swift also apparently changed the opening line, which originally references the 21st of September, to reference the "28th night of September", which, according to Genius, might be about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Listen to the cover on Spotify and decide for yourself. Swift recorded both of her songs in Nashville. We think about everything they might've heard about us, every reason they wouldn't want us. "Delicate" is about the balancing act of the rush and the fear and hoping it's really worth it to take that chance". "And the great news is I think she saw how streaming was growing".

In the autumn of 2014, Swift famously pulled her last album, 1989, and catalogue from Spotify having said she was "not willing to contribute my life's work" to the streaming experiment. Swift replaces the big vibrant sound with a slowed down banjo laced country feel that totally disrespect's the songs intention.