Saturday, 18 August, 2018

Nope! Bull City Burger serves up 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month

Zebra Tarantula Burger Nope! Bull City Burger serves up 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month
Nellie Chapman | 13 April, 2018, 22:24

Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham is in the midst of its sixth-annual Exotic Meat Month promotion, and one of the menu items: Tarantula Burger.

But the challenge requires more than "the most daring of taste buds".

A restaurant in North Carolina is asking people if they're fearless enough to take the tarantula challenge.

But there's a catch (in case eating a tarantula wasn't already a struggle): The Tarantula Challenge is by lottery only.

As of this writing, eight people - four men and four women - have enjoyed Bull City's tarantula burger.

Sign ups continue through April 29.

It consists of a pasture-raised North Carolina beef burger, grueyere cheese, spicy chili sauce and, yes, an entire oven-roasted tarantula. One victor is drawn daily and their ticket number is shared on social media; they then have 48 hours to contact the restaurant and schedule a time to devour their tarantula-topped prize.

It also comes with fries.

Our Digital Reporter Laura Brache is challenging the challenge and will enter the raffle if she gets 100 retweets on this tweet. If you answered yes then now's your chance, thanks to Bull City Burger Brewery's latest burger.