Monday, 24 September, 2018

Uber will now help you rent a stranger's auto

Eric Risberg  AP  file 2017 Eric Risberg AP file 2017
Sherri Watson | 12 April, 2018, 19:20

Uber Rent: In a deal with an online car-sharing service, Uber users will now have the opportunity to rent cars from private vehicle owners.

Justride SDK is said to combine secure ticketing functionality with existing apps to provide users with more convenient access to tickets for public transit services.

Jahan Khanna, Head of Product for Mobility at Uber, said it is flawless for city dwellers who want to make small trips like to the grocery store or to pick up relatives.

Not to leave any transportation option untouched, Uber also bought Jump Bikes, an electric bike-sharing company, this week - and yes, you can book a Jump bike through the Uber app if you live in San Francisco and also Washington, D.C. While Uber's self-driving project may be stalled - the company's people-moving plan is clearly not.

Rescue by Flare Emergency Response will offer free first aid trainings to Uber drivers on a monthly basis while drivers visiting MP-Shah Hospital desk will receive regular free medical checkups. "All these cases may seem exceptional, but all these cases are what keep people buying a vehicle, because in the back of their mind that's the only way they feel comfortable living in a city", he said.

"Uber values driver-partners and we are always looking to enhance their experience while saving on their costs, in order for them to make the most from their small businesses", stated Loic Amado, General Manager of Uber East Africa.

"We're particularly excited about JUMP Bikes because they can provide a convenient and environmentally friendly ride that's often faster, especially in dense cities where space is limited and roads can be congested", said Khosrowshahi.

And Uber Movement will expand into 12 cities - Amsterdam, Bangalore, Brisbane, Cairo, Hyderabad, Melbourne, Mumbai, Nairobi, New Delhi, Perth, Pittsburgh and Toronto - bringing that program's total up to 21. "We want to be part of the solution".

"We know that there's more we can do for the cities in which we operate", Joyce added.