Thursday, 20 September, 2018

Destiny 2's 'Warmind' expansion launches in May, with numerous fixes in tow

Destiny 2's 'Warmind' expansion launches in May, with numerous fixes in tow Destiny 2's 'Warmind' expansion launches in May, with numerous fixes in tow
Sherri Watson | 12 April, 2018, 08:02

Announced details regarding Warmind itself are limited to the expansion's name and release date, but more info will be revealed during an April 24 livestream.

The second expansion to Destiny 2 has been officially unveiled as Warmind, and it's scheduled to go live with new places, new heroes, and new enemies on May 8.

Numerous much-sought, changes to Destiny 2, which ironically make it more like the first Destiny, won't be launching until Season 4. Destiny 2's second expansion, called "Warmind", will launch on May 8, 2018.

Warmind's announcement was made as part of Bungie's latest update to Destiny 2's development roadmap.

Anyway, the studio teased the paid expansion as part of an updated development roadmap for Destiny 2 that covers Seasons Three and Season Four (which contain content available to all players for free). The developers teased the expansion though by showing what the Warmind looks like with a attractive image. Weapon randomization and slot changes are still a long way off, and so no matter how good Warmind is, the big question facing Bungie is whether anyone will be left to care about season 4 when it finally rolls around.

Our goals for these features are to give you more control over how you configure your loadouts in Destiny 2 and give you more reasons to play the game over time.

"We also want to bring back those exciting moments when you acquire the ideal weapon", the studio said. To keep the community in the Crucible unified, everyone will see new arenas in matchmade playlists like Quickplay, Competitive, Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner, as well as the new weekly rotators that include Rumble and Mayhem. Seasonal Crucible rankings will be introduced for the game's PVP experience, and people who prefer to play with their friends can avail themselves of the new option to have Private Matches. Bungie has revealed these planned changes in past development roadmap updates, but have now confirmed their release on May 8.