Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Trump Promises Decision on Military Action Against Syria in Next Two Days

Donald Trump vows to avenge'barbaric Syria chemical attack in as little as 24 hours Trump Promises Decision on Military Action Against Syria in Next Two Days
Melinda Barton | 11 April, 2018, 18:33

Before the vote, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Washington would respond to the suspected attack whether the Security Council acted or not.

The World Health Organization has said an estimated 500 people went to health facilities with "signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals" after the attack on the rebel-held town of Douma in Syria at the weekend.

"Russia will inevitably veto the USA resolution criticizing Assad, and Washington will use this to justify military strikes", he said.

But Russia says it can not support the proposal because it contains "unacceptable elements".

US officials told Reuters that Washington was weighing a multinational military response.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has said it is deploying a fact-finding mission to Douma, Syria. "Here we are talking about Syria and we're talking about a lot of serious things".

"The Syrian authorities and Russian troops will provide conditions to travel to the areas of the alleged incident for them to familiarise themselves with the situation", he said.

In 2017, Trump launched a cruise missile strike against a Syrian air base after a sarin attack the United Nations later pinned on President Bashar al-Assad.

White House security adviser Tom Bossert refused to rule out U.S. military action in response to the alleged chemical strike.

According to the officials, the Russians started jamming smaller US drones several weeks ago after a series of suspected chemical weapons attacks on civilians in rebel-held eastern Ghouta.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addresses the United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria at the U.N. headquarters in NY, U.S., April 9, 2018.

The French representative at the UN Security Council said poison gas had deliberately been used as it could seep down to the basements. Any riposte would most likely be in coordination with the United States, government aides said.

Israel rarely acknowledges strikes in Syria but has said that, as a matter of policy, they aim to thwart the entrenchment of Iranian forces or arms transfers to Hezbollah.

France has repeatedly said that evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria could prompt military action and said Sunday it would "do its duty" following the latest allegations. We have no choice.

A joint military operation, possibly with France in the lead, could send a message of worldwide unity.

The council would ask UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to outline within 30 days the operation of the panel "based on the principles of impartiality, independence and professionalism", according to the draft text obtained by AFP.

The Assad government has denied the latest attack, backed by its allies, Russian Federation and Iran.

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Nebenzia alleged that the anti-government forces had chemical weapons and could stage an attack.

US Vice President Mike Pence will fill in for Trump on the tour.

Robert Wood, U.S. ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament, says "Syria has neither the global credibility nor any moral authority" to lead the forum, "given what they have done to their own people with use of chemical weapons".

Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan spoke by phone Monday with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.