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The Ataribox Gets an Official Name, Atari VCS

No Caption Provided The Ataribox Gets an Official Name, Atari VCS
Theresa Hayes | 20 March, 2018, 17:30

Inspired by the silhouette of the original Atari 2600 Video Computer System, the new Atari VCS enables fans to play classic video games, but it is so much more than a retro game player says Atari in an announcement.

Announced past year, the console was meant to become available during that period, but the company delayed the project due to growing concerns over quality. The new gaming console from Atari is based on PC hardware - specially, an AMD APU that has integrated Radeon graphics.

Viewings of the Atari VCS, Classic Joystick, and Modern Controller prototypes at GDC will be by pre-scheduled appointments, so rather limited. The console gathers positive reactions from the fans. Atari said the machine, which an exclusive GamesBeat story originally described last year, takes inspiration from 40 years of video game history. (I suspect it's just a small PC running emulation software.) But it is apparently really designed as a completely new hub device or appliance for the living room. However, it maintains the sleek design that gaming has trended towards.

Teased last year at E3 2017 and then again this past fall, Atari just dropped a ton of new info about its forthcoming console-the first in almost 40 years to be released by the iconic gaming company. Sometime in April, Atari will reveal a pre-order date for the VCS, something that was supposed to arrive in December but was delayed at the last minute.

The Ataribox Gets an Official Name, Atari VCS

Formerly called Ataribox during a funding stage, it is now called the Atari VCS - a throwback to the original name of the Atari 2600 in the 70s.

Atari revealed this information and they have announced that the Atari VCS prototypes of its classic-style joystick and modern controllers will be displayed at this year's Game Development Conference.

Although we do not know for sure, the hardware details, nor the pricing and availability specifics of the Ataribox yet, we know that it will be "something new that stays true to our heritage, while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari". It was a hard decision with the countdown underway, but we weren't willing to go forward with even one thing out of alignment. And the VCS part really screams '70s and '80s gaming!

We are just as surprised as you are.