Saturday, 15 December, 2018

UK Braces for 'Beast From the East 2.0' Weather This Weekend

GettyHeavy snow will blanket the UK once again this weekend weather maps show GettyHeavy snow will blanket the UK once again this weekend weather maps show
Nellie Chapman | 17 March, 2018, 15:18

The Met Office have warned that the cold weather will bring a risk of snow for many parts of the country but at this stage nobody is sure whether it will settle.

On Friday and Saturday, the snow warnings are confined to eastern England and parts of Scotland, but a light dusting is expected elsewhere.

More snow is expected to fall this weekend.


The cold weather and snowfall are not expected to be as severe as conditions earlier this month when the "Beast from the East" brought widespread chaos with blizzard conditions leaving many roads impassable, closing schools and bringing public transport grinding to a halt.

The weather warnings came into effect today and will remain in place until just before midnight on Sunday.

"It is going to be a cold spell, there is a chance some places on Sunday may struggle to get above it is going to be cold, but we are not talking anywhere near what we had the weekend before last".

"There will also be an issue with ice as after snow has fallen, under very low temperatures this will freeze leading to icy conditions".

Icon weather map
Germany’s Icon model map Up to 5cm of snow could fall in some parts of the country and up to 20cm on high ground

The very cold winds from Scandinavia now heading towards Britain are similar to those that created the Beast from the East which brought freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall across most of the United Kingdom, including Merseyside.

Sunday will be the worst day, with Monday warming up again to 5C to 8C.

However, the disruption is not predicted to be on the same scale as that experienced when the "Beast from the East" and Storm Emma battered the United Kingdom last month.

So quite a few areas may wake up to a covering of snow Saturday morning, though the southwest will likely stay mild overnight, with showers of rain.

The notorious "Beast From The East", dubbed due to it's origins from Russian Federation, swept the United Kingdom at the end of February bringing us snowy conditions out of the ordinary for this time of year.

Trains and planes were also cancelled as the snow persisted.

A level-2 cold weather health alert has been issued by Public Health England, meaning vulnerable people, such as OAPs, are at risk from the cold.