Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Cardi B Might Really Be Pregnant

Cardi B Might Really Be Pregnant Cardi B Might Really Be Pregnant
Stacy Diaz | 16 March, 2018, 01:03

And despite TMZ claiming otherwise in its Cardi B article, Beyoncé played one of her most memorable shows while five months pregnant with twins in February 2017.

Sources say the rapper is expecting a baby with Migos' Offset and is due the first week of July.

The site reports that Cardi B will be performing at Coachella next month.

TMZ is now reporting that Cardi plans to continue working up until she gives birth.

The rumors heated up over Super Bowl weekend when she performed at several events, including a party hosted by Maxim, according to TMZ.

Rumors of Cardi B being pregnant by rapper Offset of Migos have made its fair share of rounds since the two got engaged back in October of previous year. Sources close to the hip-hop star says that her baby with fiancee and rapper Offset, is due the first week of that month.

We see you Cardi not walking away from that $100K per performance rate!

For now, Cardi B is keeping mum on the rumors.

She responded: 'No b***h I'm just getting fat.

Cardi B explained why she wanted to get married later in the year, saying: 'I really want to get married around fall time, I love the fall time'. "He's touring, putting out an album".