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Taylor Swift gives her all in 'Delicate' dance rehearsals

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift gives her all in 'Delicate' dance rehearsals
Stacy Diaz | 14 March, 2018, 00:39

"The new @taylorswift13 Delicate music video is such an insanely blatant copy/rip-off of the Spike Jonze Kenzo World commercial".

"Delicate" is the fourth song from Swift's album Reputation to receive video treatment. They think the fact that Swift dances in front of a store called "Joe's Deli" is not a mere coincidence, but a concerted effort to say a subtle hello to her friend. While many fans praised the singer online for the new clip, others couldn't help but notice striking similarities between the video and the two-year-old Kenzo World advertisement, which featured actress Margaret Qualley acting out in a similar manner after escaping a fancy gala.

It's hard to imagine that in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Deams" she'd ever deem herself a copycat, but that's exactly what fans are accusing her of after watching the music video for her song, "Delicate".

When one is as huge a star as Taylor Swift, it becomes unfathomable to consider what it might be like to dance through life as if nobody's looking.

Many users made the case by taking screen grabs of both the video and the short film ― and placing them side by side. Tearing the hem of her dress, and removing hateful high heel shoes, the singer does not just dance, but began to dance everywhere: at the reception-Desk in the hotel, the subway and on the street (and she did it in the pouring rain). "The setting, color palette, choreography, everything", another person tweeted.

"Taylor Swift's "Delicate" MV is a complete rip off of Spike Jonze's Kenzo advert with Margaret Qualley".

So far, no word from Swift or Kahn about the commentary surrounding the similarities.