Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

President Trump in California, "We are going to lead in Space again"

President Trump in California, President Trump in California, "We are going to lead in Space again"
Melinda Barton | 14 March, 2018, 06:36

"We have the air force".

President Donald Trump suggested creating a branch of the military for space during an appearance in San Diego, California, on Tuesday. "We have the army, the navy".

The problem is Trump's administration actively opposed the idea of a Space Force previous year.

Republican Representative Mike Rogers told a February 28 conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that a separate space corps could be carved out from the air force within "three to five years".

"The comic adventures that befall a crew of astronauts assigned to a remote military space station", IMDb notes of Space Force.

"Our new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain just like the land, air and sea", he said.

I asked the Twitter if proclaiming war in space is just something a president can do, and apparently this was already discussed in the 60s.

"So think of that, Space Force, because we are spending a lot and we have a lot of private money coming in, tremendous. We'll call it the space force.' Not really serious", he said, reportedly to mixed laughter. "Maybe we'll have to do that.' That could happen".

Initially, Trump explained, he'd proposed the idea as a joke. He said China and Russian Federation have become "near peers" to the USA in space capabilities, and the United States is not pushing hard enough to stay ahead. It's unclear if Trump's Space Force would be any similar to what the Space Crops was meant to be.

After extensive politicking the US Congress passed the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act in November. But it seems like Trump is trying to resurrect an idea that his administration originally didn't want.