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Bright outlook for Florida hiring, ManpowerGroup says

Aditi-Mar-2018-manpowergroup-report-provided-josh Bright outlook for Florida hiring, ManpowerGroup says
Melinda Barton | 14 March, 2018, 00:04

IN employers expect to hire at what ManpowerGroup describes as "a confident pace" in April, May and June, according to survey results released today.

The strongest hiring intentions have been observed by employers in two sectors - public administration and education (+25%), and finance, insurance and real estate (+24%).

With seasonal variations removed from the data, the survey predicts a 14 per cent increase in hiring; a 2 per cent increase compared to the previous quarter, and an increase of 7 per cent from this time past year.

Meanwhile, the hiring scene is looking up in other countries, too.

The strong national result is unchanged when compared to the same period previous year, but declines by three percentage points quarter-on-quarter. The strongest hiring prospects are reported in two regions with Net Employment Outlook of 17 per cent in north and south each.

The survey found 26 percent of IN respondents plan to increase staff; 3 percent plan to decrease; and 71 percent expect to maintain current workforce levels. The weakest hiring plans are reported in Mining, Government Information and Nondurable Goods Manufacturing.

The survey, conducted among over 4,600 employers across India in various segments of industries, noted that although the hiring pace will slow, few staff reductions are expected.

Outlooks of +10% and +9% are reported in the wholesale and retail trade sector, and the manufacturing sector, respectively, while services sector employers report an outlook of +8%. When compared with the previous quarter, hiring prospects are five percentage points stronger for medium employers, and micro employers report an improvement of four percentage points. Similarly, employers in the Services sector report a decline of three percentage points compared to the same period in 2017. This is the best forecast recorded by the survey in at least nine years.

The Orlando area had the strongest employment growth, 3.8 percent, followed by South Florida, with 3 percent growth during the year - both above the national average, he said. Employers report the strongest hiring intentions in Leisure & Hospitality (+28%) as the economy picks up. Large employers report relatively stable hiring plans over the same period.

Staffing levels are expected to grow in all eight Asia Pacific countries and territories during the April-June time frame.

The ManpowerGroup interviewed 58,000 employers in 43 countries and territories and especially 46000 employers in India as their sample size for the employment outlook survey. Employers in Taiwan and Japan report the most optimistic regional hiring plans, while for the third consecutive quarter the region's weakest hiring intentions are reported by mainland Chinese employers.