Wednesday, 25 April, 2018

AmazonBasics power banks recalled over chemical burn and fire risk

Affected Amazon Basics Portable Power Bank models.    
   Image Amazon Affected Amazon Basics Portable Power Bank models. Image Amazon
Nellie Chapman | 14 March, 2018, 01:59 Inc has recalled some of its portable chargers in the United States following reports of overheating and fire, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said on Tuesday. The emails also contain a one-time URL which lets the customer register their product and receive more details about returns and obtaining a refund for the defective product.

You might want to pay attention if you purchased an AmazonBasics power bank over the last couple of years.

The power banks were sold at and Amazon stores from December 2014 through July 2017 for between $9 and $40. The notice also mentions that around 260,000 units are affected.

In one case, the user reported suffering chemical burns from the battery acid; in another four, users suffered property damage from smoke and fire.

Models involved: The recall involves six versions of AmazonBasics portable lithium-ion battery chargers, which are designated partly by their capacities: 16,100 milliamp-hours (mAh), 10,000 mAh, 5,600 mAh, 2,000 mAh with micro USB cable, 3,000 mAh, and 3,000 mAh with micro USB cable.

The company is contacting all known purchasers. Owners should stop using these recalled units immediately. Three of the affected battery models are all significantly larger than average cell phone batteries and would have no problem causing serious damage to anything near them should they ignite. All affected devices have already been removed from sale on Amazon's website.