Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Trudeau considering more action to keep foreign dumped steel out of Canada

Trudeau Hamilton 20180313 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with workers during a visit to Stelco Hamilton Works in Hamilton on Tuesday
Melinda Barton | 13 March, 2018, 23:32

"There is no national security argument to be made against Canada", Trudeau said.

In the call with Trudeau, Trump "emphasised the importance of quickly concluding the ongoing Nafta negotiations", the White House said.

"This has been a true Team Canada effort", Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland noted this week.
Canadian steel is in your tanks.

Trump created the tariffs with the claims that they were part of a security issue but Trudeau pointed out to the host that the US military needs Canadian steel.

Trump recently exempted Canada and Mexico from tariffs on steel and aluminum, although the US government has been dropping hints that the exception is only temporary.

"The exemptions aren't a magical favour that was being done (for Canada)", Trudeau said.

Later, at a roundtable with industry leaders, he spoke again of the importance of steel to Hamilton, saying he was there to listen.

Trudeau is also brushing off the idea that Canada might be bullied into a deal. Will that create a privileged access for us in the U.S. market?

Mr. Trudeau and members of his cabinet have insisted that the two issues are not linked and that extending the tariffs to steel and aluminum imported from Canada would harm the US economy. He also credited Trump for keeping a promise: he said the president told him at last year's G7 that Canada would get an exemption, and kept his word.

A heavy lobbying blitz by Canada after the tariffs were first announced March 1 helped convince the US administration to exempt Canadian steel when the final announcement was made last week.

"On the national security side, we have always been incredibly integrated".

'Canadian aluminum is in your fighter jets.

"There is no better security partner to the United States than Canada is so that whole issue of national security is off the table".

"Ahead of actually applying border measures on offshore steel, there is a need for the Trudeau government to state its clear policy in dealing with steel diversion", Mr. Herman wrote in a memo to clients Monday. Brazil, which is the second biggest supplier of steel to the United States after Canada, remains open for a dialogue to reach an understanding with the United States and is talking to other countries to learn about measures they are considering, he said.

The prime minister is on a cross-country tour of aluminum and steel factories to demonstrate his government's support for workers in light of potential threats to those industries from the US administration.