Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Police investigate new suspicious package sent to MP at Westminster

Four Muslim MPs sent suspicious packages at Westminster Police investigate new suspicious package sent to MP at Westminster
Melinda Barton | 13 March, 2018, 22:15

The Westminster offices of Rupa Huq, Mohammad Yasin, Rushanara Ali and Afzal Khan were all cordoned off while police investigated.

Her staff said they were "thrown into a panic" by security after the incident, but the Home Secretary was out of the country.

Mr Yasin was elected as MP for Bedford in last year's snap General Election after winning the seat from the Conservatives.

All four of the packages sent to MPs have been found in the Norman Shaw north building in the parliamentary estate, which is linked by a walkway to Portcullis House.

Four Muslim Labour MPs have been sent suspicious packages over the last 48 hours with copies of a "Punish a Muslim" letter that calls for violence against Muslims.

Charity Tell Mama UK, which campaigns against anti-Muslim hate crime and Islamophobia say they have had reports going into "double" figures' from people who have received the letters across the UK.

But, she said: 'It is awful though, it's really very frightening.

MPs have condemned letters encouraging recipients to take part in "Punish a Muslim Day" as "abhorrent".

And Ian Austin, Labour MP for Dudley, said he would use the day to visit as many mosques and Muslim community centres in his constituency as possible "to show them I am on their side" and called on other members to join him.

"Everyone is safe and well; one member of my Westminster team was checked over at the hospital as a precaution", he wrote.

Police are investigating after suspect packages containing anti-Muslim letters and a sticky liquid were sent to party colleagues this week. "This is further to the two items investigated yesterday, both of which were found to be non-harmful".

"It was dealt with by the parliamentary police", the assistant said, adding that staff were evacuated from the office for a short time. The Police are investigating the content of the letters to identify any potential links'.

The spokesman said there were no reported injuries and inquiries were continuing.

The letters include incitement to rip off women's headscarves, and to verbally and physically attack Muslims.

A Parliamentary spokesman said: 'The Met Police are now investigating suspicious items of mail in Norman Shaw North.