Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

Kenya: Fall of Nasa looms as Raila 'snubs' meeting

Article Image Kenya: Fall of Nasa looms as Raila 'snubs' meeting
Melinda Barton | 13 March, 2018, 05:31

Southern Africa Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says Africa is looking at how Zambia will reciprocate following the reconciliation between Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

ANC Secretary-General Barrack Muluka said the decision by Mr Odinga to close ranks with Mr Kenyatta was not a surprise "as that has been his style of politics, and Nasa must now come to terms with the fact that it has lost one of its kingpins to Jubilee". "All the three care about is 2022 just because of an agreement that bars Mr Odinga from contesting the presidency".

The co-principals were asked to surrender their mobile phones to their aides before the meeting started, which could be a sign of the growing mistrust within the coalition since Friday's events.

The opposition leader's lieutenants had also remained non-committal on whether Mr. Odinga would join the meeting whose main agenda was set to be the pact with President Kenyatta.

"A man can only take blackmail for so long", the source said.

The Organising Committee led by Economist David Ndii announced that they would give the initiative a chance as opposed to pursuing a parallel path to inclusivity.

During an ODM national governing council meeting early this month, the party told its allies in the coalition that it was ready to go it alone if pushed.

The envoys urged Mr Odinga to "accept the fact that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are the legitimate President and Deputy of Kenya" after the Supreme Court upheld their election on October 26 previous year.

President Kenyatta was sworn in for a second term last November after he won an election re-run in October, which Mr Odinga had boycotted.

They had both dismissed all calls for talks, from Kenyans and foreign diplomats but in their joint address, President Kenyatta referred to Mr Odinga as his "brother".

However, during yesterday's meeting, Mr Odinga expressed concerns that the growing isolation of the Nasa leadership would not in any way have served its interests.