Monday, 10 December, 2018

Jeff Flake to Write Bill to Nullify Trump Tariffs

Jeff Flake to Write Bill to Nullify Trump Tariffs Jeff Flake to Write Bill to Nullify Trump Tariffs
Melinda Barton | 13 March, 2018, 23:21

Jeff Flake has threatened to introduce legislation to nullify the President's tariffs if they are anything like what Donald Trump is predicting. He also has said he thought Trump should be challenged, but the twist Sunday was that he agreed with Todd's question that such a challenger should be somebody "who espouses your (Flake's) views". Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) as saying, "I'm going to - as soon as it comes out if it is anything approximating what he's talked about - introduce legislation to nullify it". NBC's Chuck Todd asked Flake. The Republican Party is the Trump party right now. "But that's not to say it will stay that way", Flake said.

"I generally support the president on just about everything, but I think he's been misled, there are some people down there who have been misleading him on some of these things", Hatch continued.

This is not the first time Flake has brought up the notion.

Brown has always been a critic of free-trade agreements, opposing NAFTA since its inception when he was a congressman.

He added: "I also think that there will be an independent challenge, particularly if the Democrats insist on putting somebody up from the far left of the party".

In fact, 12 of the 15 states that will likely take the biggest tariff hits are red states, according to new analysis from the Brookings Institute.

In a rare show of spine, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) put out a statement, which read in part: "I disagree with this action and fear its unintended consequences".

Trump appeared at a rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, on Saturday in an effort to help Republicans win a congressional district that the president won by 20 points in 2016 and endorse candidate Rick Saccone in the special election on Tuesday.

"It undermines the benefits that the new tax law provides and runs counter to our goal of advancing pro-growth trade policies that will keep America competitive in the 21st century global economy", he said.

In Wisconsin, which went for Trump by the narrowest of margins, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has warned that tariffs could hurt the state's canning and beer industries. Sen.

"There's really a growing level of optimism because we were returning certainty to the American and Wisconsin economy", Johnson said.

"This is where a non-politician is good".