Friday, 23 March, 2018

Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him

Hit-and-run driver tried to get away — then a man took out a sledge hammer, video shows | Miami Herald Watch: Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him
Stacy Diaz | 13 March, 2018, 19:54

Several people attempted to pull the Infiniti driver from his auto before he fled the scene, according to Miami's Local 10 News. Although the crash involved several vehicles, no injuries were reported, Miami police said. In the end, however, he makes it out of the scene only to be found by the police later.

Several people gathered around to block the vehicle from escaping.

One man bangs on its windows, while another shakes his fists furiously and tries to open the car's locked door screaming 'Don't move'.

The driver remains obstinate in his resolve to leave and refuses to budge from the vehicle. The driver, however, swerves out of the scene.

Miami police officers eventually caught up with the vehicle, arrested the driver who is identified as 25-year-old Maxwell Lagutenko.

A witness took cellphone video of the wrath of the victims as they lashed out on the hit-and-run driver's SUV, Sunday morning, along Biscayne Boulevard, near Northwest 14th Avenue.

Driver tries to flee a auto crash in Miami on Sunday.

The images show several people running after the Infiniti - trying to box it in.

Video obtained by Local 10 shows a silver Infiniti trying to back up and flee the scene after driving onto oncoming traffic.

Eyewitness Anthony Jiminez, who saw the drama told abc10: 'You have a crash, you stop.

However, Jimenez conceded that taking out a sledgehammer might have crossed the line.

But he took exception to the sledgehammer rampage, adding: 'I would call the cops and try to chase him down, but to pull out a hammer?'