Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

InsideXboxHERO-hero-1 Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles
Theresa Hayes | 12 March, 2018, 18:11

The first episode had details on Sea of Thieves, PixArk, and the Xbox version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This means when playing a game, screen tearing and stuttering should be removed, provided the frame rate is within the display's FreeSync range.

Low latency mode is more typically called Game Mode on TVs and it's quite common so hopefully support will be widespread. There are 4K FreeSync monitors, ultrawide FreeSync monitors, 1440p FreeSync monitors, 1080p FreeSync monitors.

Not only will the Xbox One support this, but it will be able to activate a TV's low latency mode only when a game is actually running. We have Low Framerate Compensation, which for almost 20 FreeSync monitors can sustain smooth gameplay down to around 25 FPS. Well, the introduction of FreeSync and FreeSync 2 on these consoles will enable gamers to experience a relatively smoother gameplay experience - should they own a display that supports FreeSync technology, of course.

Xbox One users will get a host of new features thanks to the system's spring update. While the game console will soon be getting 1440p support with the spring update - now live for testers - also on the way are support for AMD Freesync-compatible monitors and the ability for TVs to automatically switch to low latency mode.

With a supported TV, the mode will automatically switch to a low-latency mode at the start of your game. If anyone happens to use Mixer for game streaming, they'll be able to let viewers take control of the game remotely using a virtual or physical controller.